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Face Recognition

Used for facial recognition in a stream of people while determining gender, age, race, and ethnicity of a person


Up to 98% facial recognition accuracy
Up to 200 simultaneously recognized faces in the frame at requested resolution
More than 100 million recognized faces for 1 client within 1 month period of time
Product Verification
  • 01
    Search and facial recognition in real time
  • 02
    View location and movement of a person with instant notification that such person has been found
  • 03
    Face Identification and finding a match against a database of faces
  • 04
    Detection of additional information: gender, age, race, emotions with unbiased technology
  • 05
    Face identification with additional characteristics like beard, mustache, glasses, face shield, mask
  • 06
    Creating lists of people whose movement should be controlled
  • 07
    Creating White/Black & VIP Lists
  • 08
    Support for import (CSV) and export of database (EXCEL/PDF/CSV/JSON)
  • 09
    Ability to process statistical data and generate reports
  • 10
    Business logic constructor
  • 11
    Cross-platform and multilingual interface

How It Works

Face Recognition in stream of people
Determination of gender, and age of a recognized person
Comparison against the database of faces
Real-time notifications for recognized faces from the lists