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Traffic Analytics

Determines the intensity, quantity, and composition of the vehicle and people traffic. From tracking flow to identifying road incidents as soon as they occur, this video analytics module is perfect for controlled access roadways and urban traffic management


The module works on the basis of neural networks
High accuracy of the vehicle classification
Vehicles and people real time traffic statistics
Product Verification
  • 01
    Analytics for counting traffic using neural networks is highly optimized and has a high accuracy of object detection
  • 02
    Suitable for solving traffic accidents on various roads with reference to the class of the car (passenger car, truck, bus, etc.)
  • 03
    Counting people in public places: shops, shopping malls, crowded places

How It Works

The system receives data from the city cameras
Counting is carried out by different types of vehicles, or the number of people
Statistics are formed based on the received data