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Smart Parking

An edge-based video analytics service for streamlined parking operations. This software includes effective recognition of license plates, territory zoning, parking management, monitoring compliance with parking rules, smart search, as well as a customizable notification system


Up to 99.9% license plate recognition accuracy, regardless of weather conditions and the state of license plate (dirty, blurred, out of focus, dark or light)
An instant recognition of license plate upon the vehicles entrance to the parking area, with identification of the make, model, color of the vehicle, and country (state)
Unlimited number of tag-based notification rules
Product Verification
  • 01
    Link the vehicle to the company’s structure, which allows each vehicle to be assigned designated parking space in a predetermined zone
  • 02
    Receive immediate notifications when a certain vehicle from the list appears, it stays in the parking lot for too long, or it’s not registered
  • 03
    Custom tag for the vehicles. Set your own tags for different vehicle numbers (management, staff, visitor, etc.)
  • 04
    Flexible system for the time intervals of vehicle stay in the parking area
  • 05
    Ability to work with different sources of video data
  • 06
    Integration with License Plate Recognition
  • 07
    View visual diagrams of the vehicle's stay in the parking area
  • 08
    Flexible access rights for user groups for the application functionality (view, edit, delete information)
  • 09
    Search for recognition data through the archive, enabling filtering
  • 10
    Search by full or partial license plate number. Conduct a complex search (For example, a blue SUV in the North section with 5555 in the number for the last 5 days)
  • 11
    Database support: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle Database
  • 12
    Business logic constructor
  • 13
    Cross-platform and multilingual interface

How It Works

The system determines vehicle’s number upon entering the territory
Vehicle receives permission to enter the territory if there is space available
Control and video analytics for the vehicles exit from the territory