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Smoke & Fire Detection

This video analytics helps to identify smoke and fire at an early stage and send an instant alarm to your computer, phone, or via email


Early fire detection
Identifying signs of smoke and fire on the industrial sites
Rapid response to the extreme situations
Product Verification
  • 01
    A smoke detector identifies and locates fire in a forest, at the factory, plant, or construction area
  • 02
    Sends an immediate notification, that will prevent a fire at an early stage
  • 03
    Date, time and place will help you quickly locate a fire on the territory
  • 04
    Business logic constructor
  • 05
    Cross-platform and multilingual interface
  • 06
    Prompt response to the forest fires and their quick elimination
  • 07
    Improvement of the ecological situation by preserving the flora and fauna
  • 08
    Identification of signs of smoke and fire at industrial sites

How It Works

Select a fire detection area
The system receives data from CCTV cameras
A notification is sent when smoke and fire are detected in the area
The frame, date and time when the fire was detected is recorded